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PERSEO – Winter School

On the 24th of March 2022 Esther Keymolen gave her keynote speech “The virtuous data scientist” during an online event organised by the European Training Network on PErsonalized Robotics as SErvice Oriented applications (PERSEO). The event provided a platform for interactions between experts on philosophy, computer science and psychology and early-stage researchers in these fields. Together, they evaluated the opportunities and challenges in personal robotics. While personal robotics expands the possibilities in human-robot interaction, it also raises ethical and social-cultural concerns about user’s data protection, moral rights, and emotional safety of users. To adress these challenges, a new generation of interdisciplinary researchers is required with transferrable skillsets ranging from computer science and AI to ethics and psychology.

In her keynote speech Esther Keymolen explored which techno-moral skills data scientist should develop in order to be able to face both the technological and ethical research challenges that arise when developing data-driven applications.

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PERSEO – Winter School