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Mozilla Festival 2021

Trust production with technology

On the 8th of March 2021 from 18:00- 19:00 hrs. an online session, organized by Mozfest, will take place about trust production with Technology. Among with other scientists, Esther Keymolen will discuss the technical ways to produce trust among strangers in the digital society and the technical, legal, institutional preconditions of trustworthy technical trust producers.

A number of global technology infrastructures have taken up the task of fostering cooperation among strangers on a planetary scale by providing various trust-related services, such as reputation management (platforms), trust minimization (blockchains), or the reduction of future uncertainties (AI systems). Such development is a response to the lack of better institutional alternatives, and the failure of existing supranational frameworks to coordinate human cooperation across various geographic, cultural, linguistic, social, political, religious divisions. Such technical trust infrastructures need to be trustworthy to fulfill their intended functions. Yet, it is clear that we cannot be confident in these technical trust production approaches.

Join the discussion on the 8th of March with: Esther Keymolen, philosopher, Tilburg University, Aron Fischer, mathematician, Colony Project, and Balazs Bodo, social scientist, University of Amsterdam!

Mozilla Festival 2021