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GoodBrother International Conference

International Conference on Privacy-friendly and Trustworthy Technology for Society

On June 28 Esther Keymolen will deliver the opening keynote speech “From trust to trustworthiness (and back again?)” during an international conference in Zagreb, Croatia. The international conference is organised by the GoodBrother COST Action and aims to advance the knowledge on critical ethical concepts such as privacy, trust and transparency of Active and Assisted Living (AAL) technologies.

Active Assisted Living (AAL) technologies continue to advance and the Covid-19 pandemic has increased sales of AAL. However, the succes of such technologies highly depends on their trustworthiness. If people don’t trust technology, they won’t use it. Recently, we have seen a shift from focusing on ‘building trust’ to ‘being trustworthy’. In her opening keynote, Esther Keymolen explores the difference between designing for trust and designing for trustworthiness and how, if done properly, designing trustworthiness can lead to genuine trust in the data-driven context.

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GoodBrother International Conference