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Conference: Trust and Ethics of AI

Centre for Ethics – University of Toronto

On June 20 Esther Keymolen gave her keynote speech “Trustworthy tech companies. Talking the talk or walking the walk?” during an online conference organised by the University of Toronto. Esther Keymolen shared her expertise in the field of ethics of AI.

Social media, e-commerce, gaming apps, and e-health programs: data-driven applications are at the core of everyday life and Big Tech dominates the market. It is of utmost importance that these tech companies are trustworthy, but several incidents (Cambridge Analytica, apps leaking data, discriminating facial recognition applications) have exposed their failure to take the interest of users at heart. It is unclear what, morally, to expect from tech companies and this opens the door for tech companies claiming to take the interests of end-users at heart (talking the talk), while actually dodging responsibility (failing to walk the walk).

Esther Keymolen addressed several crucial questions: What should tech companies do to deserve our trust? What would make them trustworthy?

Click below to watch the keynote (Esther Keymolen starts at 2:04:16):

Conference: Trust and Ethics of AI